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TeamCreator offers a possibility to test the candidates you have found. We have the license to conduct Tripod tests. Tests are available in Estonian, English, Latvian, Russian and Lithuanian.

TeamCreator organizes the whole testing process:

  • find out companies’ current situation, get aware of the suitable candidate`s requirements and set the most important personality traits for the position;
  • communicate with the candidate and support him during the whole process;
  • conduct testing according to the requirements;
  • collect additional information from the candidate, to ensure enough data for the test analyse;
  • perform the analyse and give exhaustive feedback to all participants.

    TeamCreator helps companies to make the right decision.

The personality inventory test

The personality inventory test describes individual profile of personality traits:

  • emotional stability (resistance to stress and self-control);
  • conscientiousness (determination and persistence);
  • extraversion (willingness to communicate and activity);
  • agreeableness (friendliness and kindness) and
  • openness to Experience (creativity and ideas).

Each broad personality trait is also described by three sub-scales, which present more specific aspects of each particular trait.

Mental ability test

Mental ability test helps to get overview of the mental/cognitive abilities of the candidate.

The test intended to specialists describes:

  • verbal;
  • arithmetical;
  • spatial and 
  • general ability.

The manager`s test will describe arithmetical and logical thinking in addition.

Spatial Ability Scale

Spatial Ability Scale is suitable for identifying potential in working fields like IT, technology and science. The results of the tests are generated in comparison with a norm group consisting of other people working in these fields.

Visual speed and Accuracy test

Visual speed and Accuracy test measures how quickly and accurately a person can process visual information. This serves as a precondition for successful performance in positions that requires quick and precise analysis of written verbal and numerical information.

English test

English test helps to assess different aspects of proficiency:

  • understanding written text;
  • understanding oral text;
  • ability to write;
  • ability to speak.

You should choose up to two tests for measuring English skills.