Designing of an attractive job advert, read more how to do it

You`ve got only 10 seconds to get the attention of the best talents or they move on to next job advert.

Who are the people?

First thing in creating attractive job advert, is to think about your strategy- who are the people in your target group and how can you describe them (personality, interests, how do they spend their spare time etc.). While designing job ad, it`s smart to choose the colors that suit with your companies logo and look professional.

Be creative.

You should definitely try to think out of the box, when creating text. It`s because only the job advert that differs from others, is the one that gets the attention. While being creative, we should consider, that different target groups have different sensibility toward innovation.

Be clear.

Job title is important as potential candidates visualize the job tasks when reading this. Nonetheless writing exact work duties is still essential.


Salary in job advert.

Adding salary interval, helps you to receive more applications. It helps to create safe feeling among people, when they look at your job ad. Of course there are recruitment projects where adding wage interval is not reasonable (while searching specialists and managers).

Your requirements.

Requirements must be very well thought out. It`s not useful to set too low or too high requirements. This will guarantee suitable applicants who meet your expectations.



It`s extremely important to add the information about the benefits. In addition, people appreciate highly, when they have possibility to do the work, that really matters and when they can see the results. It will benefits, when you can take this into account while thinking about motivators.


Video job advert is a modern solution to attract suitable candidates. This is a perfect way to show your companies inner life- team, rooms and people emotions at work. It`s more time-consuming, but will have advantage.

With our help, you will find a new employee with less effort!