Candidate evaluation to determine the pattern of behavior

Evaluating candidates can be difficult and recognizing this correctly among those who wish to do so may not be an easy task. Given the high cost of hiring the wrong person, it is sensible to make use of all available options to ensure the desired result is achieved.

An integrated candidate evaluation service is a good opportunity for this. 

As a result, we will provide you with information on those personal qualities and behavioural patterns that would be beneficial for a candidate to possess and those which may become obstacles.

The complex candidate evaluation service includes full-length interviews, necessary tests and background research. As a result, you will receive both written and oral feedback from us. We can also provide the candidate evaluation service individually, i.e. only interviews or tests or background research, so that you have the most important information to make a decision.

First, we determine as precisely as possible the skills, abilities and personal characteristics that characterise the ideal candidate.

Based on this, we know which topics or questions to pay special attention to during the interview and background research. We also establish which tests provide the most valuable information for decision-making. It is not always practical to carry out tests, but, in some cases, it is essential.

The full-length interview

It lasts between one and two hours. During this time, we assess the candidate’s ability to cope successfully in the position, based on their personal characteristics, work experience, competencies, behaviours, ways of thinking, attitudes and values. We pay special attention to the candidate’s motivation to do the given work. We follow the principle that people can only be truly satisfied if they do work that they love and that matches their personality.

Different tests 

Depending on the position, we recommend different tests (personality, mental ability, spatial ability and English language tests). Following testing, you will receive – in addition to our oral feedback – a comprehensive written report on the candidates. Testing provides important information, as it also includes our additional interview with the candidate (of up to one hour), where we examine additional information about each test trait to analyse the test results.

Background research

As a result of the background research, we obtain information about the candidate’s previous jobs, their personal characteristics, behavioural patterns, skills and abilities, which we analyse according to the information previously obtained from interviews and tests.


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