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In conditions where it is more and more difficult to recruit and retain good employees, employer branding has become an increasingly important topic.

When job seekers have a choice between various employers, they ultimately choose the most well-known of them, of whom they have heard more positive things. In addition to practical circumstances, the immaterial side, including image and trust, often plays an even more important role when changing jobs. Also, the fact that it is motivating for already existing employees to work for an employer who has a solid and well-known image as an employer should not be underestimated.

Employer branding is a long-term and purposeful strategically planned activity, as a result of which it is easier for you to recruit new employees on the one hand as well as retain your existing employees on the other. However, it is vital to understand that the emphasis is on long-term strategic activities, as image building takes time and one-off activities will not provide the desired result.

Advantages of developing employer’s branding:

  1. You can consciously shape your image as an employer rather than let it slide;
  2. Your business has lower staff turnover;
  3. Good candidates want to come to your company themselves and recruiting takes less time and money;
  4. You stand out from your competitors and gain a competitive advantage;
  5. If you have a good image as an employer, potential customers will also perceive your company’s overall image as more positive, which in turn simplifies sales work.

Stages of developing employer’s image:

  1. Find out how employees perceive your company as an employer. It reveals both what is positive and what is negative. The way employees perceive the company may not coincide with the employer’s opinion and perception of it. When an employer is unaware of how employees perceive them as an employer, this increases staff turnover and makes recruiting increasingly more expensive;
  2. Based on the employer’s vision of what their image as an employer should be, we will think through and set up a plan to make the employer even more attractive to current employees as well as potential future candidates;
  3. We will prepare a specific employer branding action plan (slogan, key messages, templates of job advertisements and other documents and marketing plan, such as articles, blog posts, website, social media posts, required video and image materials, etc.).

Our experienced team will help you with all of this!

Initially, there will be many joint discussions and reflection, but later on everything will work as a system, and over time, you will notice how it becomes easier for you to attract talents as an employer.

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