Recruitment campaign

For every job and business, the right person is out there somewhere.

It is essential that information about the job offer reaches those potential candidates who are best suited.

When posting a job advertisement on the job portal, only those who are actively looking for a job will see it. Today, this is obviously not enough. It is also necessary to involve passive potential candidates who are ready to change jobs for a suitable company, occupation, job location, team, etc. Thus, the more people in your target audience see the job advertisement, the more eligible candidates you will get.

The recruitment campaign is a part of the employer’s image and makes the employer significantly more attractive to talents.

It is important that your brand stands out from the crowd. That’s why you need to be creative when developing your campaign.

We start the recruitment campaign by compiling a detailed profile description.

This gives us a good overview of the profile of suitable candidates – what the ideal candidate is like (their language skills, education, work experience, personal characteristics, etc.). Once the profile is in place, we think about where the appropriate target group is situated. Through that we determine in what ways and through which channels to reach them most successfully, be it social media channels (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube), video advertising on large screens, radio, TV or on paper. As a result, we draw up a recruitment campaign plan, which we coordinate with the customer.

Publishing job advertisements continuously to fill the same position can have a detrimental effect. That’s why it’s useful to get the most out of the search each time and consider whether it is more effective to conduct a targeted search, a recruitment campaign, or both. Naturally, there is no need to think about a recruitment campaign when it is already obvious that suitable candidates will definitely come on the job advertisement. It is especially useful to run a recruitment campaign in the event of mass recruitment.

The recruitment campaign is a part of the employer’s image, which is why the quality of such campaign is critical. A properly conducted recruitment campaign requires a lot of thought and organisation, which in turn is very time-consuming. TeamCreator is happy to help!

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