The best counseling for job seeker

We provide counseling in full or partial range, depending on the job seeker’s need.

There are usually many candidates for a job vacancy when unemployment is increasing. Therefore, it is very important to plan all activities connected with the job search. Neglecting it may be unrecoverable and mean that job seekers cannot reach the second round. TeamCreator provides counseling, what you need. 

The first step and also the precondition for a successful job search is to be aware, which kind of work the candidate wants to perform. If one does not want a long-term employment relationship in one enterprise, it does not mean anything bad.  Today there are many job portals available, which mediate short-term employment options. The most important is to reach the corresponding understanding and according to that establish a job search plan.

If one has a clear vision of the target, it is time to start putting the CV/profile together and publish it in a corresponding job seekers’ portal. It depends on the searched job, where to look for one. Hereby, one has to be creative. 

Today recruiters use very different places for finding candidates. Do not forget to prepare also for the coming interview. 

Think how you characterize yourself as a person. 

Which are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you apply for this position and enterprise, etc.? 

Especially when your last interview took place many years ago.


Career counseling

We start with the most important – finding out the right kind of job for you. Something that makes you euphoric! Sometimes it might be hard to see all of the new and exciting potential possibilities if someone has gotten used to the old and mundane. Other times we can’t move on or start finding a job due to previous bad experiences. We utilize various career consultancy techniques to map your possibilities and find motivation, which we then use to create a plan of action.

Creating CV

We help you create a CV that would make you shine above the rest, whilst still portraying your personality, knowledge and skills.

Linkedin profile

When aiming for executive and specialist positions, it’s important to make yourself be seen on LinkedIn. We help you create a LinkedIn profile and give tips as how to make yourself be seen to recruiters.

Conducting an example interview

We conduct an example interview and analyse it together. This gives you the confidence to go on to a real job interview and present yourself poised.

Tips and tricks

As experts of the recruiting industry, we can share tips and tricks as to how to find a fitting job. It doesn’t mean you would have to “sell” yourself excessively or change who you present yourself as, but rather focusing on your strong points and realizing your weak points, being smart and thoughtful in how you act in your search for a job.

Personal approach guarantees successful job seeking in any area. TeamCreator’s aim is to bring the job seekers together with the right job. We have a long-term recruiting experience and we can find a solution for a job seeker, who may be in the most complicated situation. There is no difference whether you want to make a major change in your career or start in a totally new area or you are looking for a new but similar job.

If you are currently looking for a job and need counselling, you are welcome to contact us! Let us talk and discuss how we can support you. We provide counselling in the Estonian and the English language. The consultant has passed the career counselling training and has a lot of experience in the area. You can trust yourself in the hands of TeamCreator.

Counselling is performed either virtually or at a real-time meeting. 

Price according to agreement.

If you are a specialist or a blue-collar worker, TeamCreator helps you to find the job you are looking for and provides counseling.