Different tests for employers carried out virtually

Tests are the only right choice for that purpose.

We have a licence for conducting Tripod tests. To ensure valid results and the candidate’s positive experience, our activity is based on all established requirements.

We provide tests for testing personality, mental ability, Spatial ability Scale, Visual speed and Accuracy, and the English language. There are separate personality and mental ability tests for the assessment of specialists and managers. It enables to assess the candidate in comparison with other specialists and managers, who are of the same gender and age group.


Tests can be carried out in the Estonian, English, Latvian, Russian and also in the Lithuanian language. It means that the candidate does not have to be located in Estonia.


Testing is carried out virtually.


When recruiting for different positions, different tests are important. For example, the personality test enables to establish features critically important for sales work like for example initiative, perseverance, stress tolerance and friendliness in communication with people. To work successfully in the area of finance the comprehension of numeric information and the ability of quick analysis can be established on the basis of the mental abilities test. Success in the area of IT and technology can be predicted by a Spatial test.

Filling in a test by a candidate is only a part of the testing process. For a thorough analysis it is unfortunately not enough. Due to that, after receiving the results of the written test, we discuss each measured feature with the candidate again in order to listen to the reasoning and explanations. We make sure that the result of the written test complies with tested applicant’s reasons and justifications. In addition to controversies, the candidate may have been too nervous when filling out the test, there might have been disturbing factors during testing or he/she has not been adequately relaxed for taking the test. The initial result of the test does not usually reflect the actual situation. Choosing personnel is an important task and one must be sure that the candidates’ results are comparable.

TeamCreator helps enterprises to make right choices. Our priority is to find a suitable performer for any work.

We arrange the entire time consuming testing process.

  • Become familiar with the enterprise’s current situation and the profile of the employee searched for, as the result of which we establish the key factors required for that position;
  • Introduce the candidate the testing procedure and support in case questions may occur;
  • Conduct testing in compliance with the established requirements;
  • Communicate with the candidate in order to acquire relevant information for concluding the results;
  • Analyse the test results and give detailed feedback about it to all participants orally and in a written form.

The personality inventory test

The personality inventory test describes individual profile of personality traits:

  • emotional stability (resistance to stress and self-control);
  • conscientiousness (determination and persistence);
  • extraversion (willingness to communicate and activity);
  • agreeableness (friendliness and kindness) and openness to Experience (creativity and ideas). Each broad personality trait is also described by three sub-scales, which present more specific aspects of each particular trait.

Mental ability test

Mental ability test helps to get overview of the mental cognitive abilities of the candidate. The test intended to specialists describes:

  • verbal;
  • arithmetical;
  • spatial and
  • general ability.

The manager`s test will describe arithmetical and logical thinking in addition.

Spatial Ability Scale

Spatial Ability Scale is suitable for identifying potential in working fields like IT, technology and science. The results of the tests are generated in comparison with a norm group consisting of other people working in these fields.

Visual speed and Accuracy test

Visual speed and Accuracy test measures how quickly and accurately a person can process visual information. This serves as a precondition for successful performance in positions that requires quick and precise analysis of written verbal and numerical information.

English test

English test helps to assess different aspects of proficiency:

  • understanding written text;
  • understanding oral text;
  • ability to write;
  • ability to speak.

You should choose up to two tests for measuring English skills.