Generally, it takes a lot of time to find the right job. Emotionally it can be quite exhausting if you keep getting rejected and you don’t understand the reasons as to why. If there’s a lot of applicants for a single job, it might be just a single detail that cost you success. Fortunately, such cases can be avoided with a strategical process during a job search. This is especially important in our current circumstances, where unemployment is rising by the day.

Strategically finding a job:

  • Start with the most important – find out the right kind of job for you.

    You might as well be wasting your time if you don’t do this. Recruiters will identify those who don’t have clear vision about their future job while looking through CV-s or during the first interview.
  • Are you interested in a short- or long-term job?

    There are different places for different jobs, depending on the kind you’re looking for.
  • Create an impressive CV.

    A CV has to be concise and describe you as a person- your personality, knowledge, and experiences. It must be well thought out and purposeful to get the recruiter’s attention.
  • Define the places to find the job.

    Whether to use traditional job portals or another website, depends on the job you are looking for. When you want to find a specialist or manager position, then you should definitely create a profile on LinkedIn. There are many other websites you should utilize depending on the kind of position you’re looking for. You shouldn’t underestimate the impact of personal relations, as we all know how small the world can be. Someone in your friends’ sphere might have what you’re looking for 😊.
  • Be prepared for the interview.

    There are people, “selling” themselves very actively, self-confidently, not knowing any of their weaknesses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t predict their success in the position. So, it’s better to know and admit your weaknesses, and strengths as well, and act as the person you are. Though it sounds simple, too often anxiety and nervousness can ruin this. Therefore, it benefits you when you partake in a mock interview. You will be aware about how recruiters will analyse your attitude, answers, and you’ll find out what kind of questions they might ask among other factors. As a result, you’ll be more relaxed and ready when attending a real job interview.

Don’t traverse the fields of job searching alone but contact us if your challenge is to find a new job. We’ll help you plan and support you with useful tips and tricks. Find your job is our job, over here at TeamCreator. Who could advise you better in a job search, than the person, who knows everything about recruiting?

Annika Melsas, TeamCreatori HR partner