Have you ever wondered what your values as a employer are- what do you consider to be important while acting? If you haven’t thought about it yet, I suggest you do it, because values make you the person you are. You can surprisingly discover that your closest friends and family are wearing the same values. It’s something that keeps you together.

It is perfectly understandable that we are drawn to where we feel fit.

This is exactly the reason, why it’s important to deal with values before recruiting. How would you otherwise be able to use them in the recruitment process and attract suitable candidates if you have not even been aware of the subject in your company?

Values do not lose their importance even after you have found a good employee.

If the newcomer feels that his values are not suitable for your company, he does not feel well and decides to leave in the first few months. Unfortunately, it has a negative impact on the company’s reputation as negative feedback is spreading faster than positive. Financial costs of the recruitment process already carried out, the salary costs of new staff member and his training staff are also significant. Requirement process must start all over again, and total costs are at least double.

You can be sure if the company has it’s values set, and the staff is acting according these, workers will be less prone to change the job. And your company will have a better reputation as an employer. In the case of the contrary, you can be sure, your competitors will know it, because of their great interests in your company, as there is a fight in the name of talents. Those who think they can only attract and engage good workers with their salaries, have already lost this fight. And at the same time, it is worth thinking about the financial damage in connection with the loss of a key worker…

Once more, there is a chance to attract the right staff to join your team if you do not grope in the dark and know who you are looking for in terms of value, creating the reputation for yourself. At the time of common values, your team will be better opposed to different challenges.