As the weather outside becomes more spring-like, more and more students are crying out for help in social media and job search portals to find the perfect internships. However, business executives tend to overlook internships, appearing to be afraid that future employees will steal important information from them. There is often demand for work experience in a particular field, but that experience has to come from somewhere. And this is the purpose of the internship: to prepare prospective employees to be able to provide value to employers. 

Here are four reasons why you should hire an intern:

  • In addition to theoretical knowledge, it is very important for the learner to gain practical experience. Finding a placement, however, can be a challenge. Some schools already include an internships point in their admission requirements. That’s because too many students drop out due to not being able to secure an internship.   Here you have the opportunity to contribute to the Estonian education system by providing interns with valuable knowledge and experience. 
  • By hiring an intern, you can help him to see how much he likes his chosen profession. Not just in theory but also in real life. This, again, helps to ensure that later job applicants include people who do their job with passion and love. 
  • During the internship, you will be able to ascertain which of the intern’s personality, characteristics and abilities are appropriate for your company. At the end of the internship, you can make a job offer and gain a good new employee. 
  • Involving an intern will have a stimulating effect on your entire team. That will also remind you of how excited you were during your own studies and can make you look at your work in a completely new way, with every new day being full of new and exciting challenges.

The intern must be involved in topics specified by the school and which intern is interested in. Engaging in topics that at first seem difficult to the intern will ultimately have a positive effect on the intern’s self-confidence and motivation to pursue the profession. Alternatively, you can guide the intern to simpler or more time-consuming jobs. You can handle the most important things yourself, but be sure to let the intern observe. 

Of course, coaching an intern requires resources, but it is far outweighed by the positive effect that comes with it.


Whenever possible, contribute to young people and help them at the beginning of their professional careers. This will give them an unforgettable positive impression and create a good reputation for your company.