When browsing job advertisements on a daily basis, we may encounter a number of controversial topics. Essentially, this is evident when candidate expectations are listed. At the same time, what is being offered is often at odds with these expectations that it raises legitimate questions. How can a company expect an employee to possess certain personal characteristics or attributes if he or she does not favour them or consider them to be a reasonable investment? Here are some examples:

A suitable candidate is learning and development oriented, but cannot attend school at the same time. 

If an employer does not favour his employees’ education, this obviously has no effect on his team development. People who value continuous development always want to develop. If you hire an individual who is confident that he does not want to undertake further study or otherwise develop himself, it is likely that he is also not capable of learning in the workplace.

The right candidate is responsible, and therefore considers responsibilities of the job to be the most important. 

A responsible person is responsible for all of his responsibilities. He will not consider his family to be any less important, for example, leaving his sick baby home alone or giving up two weeks of paternity leave.

The right candidate always gives 101% to the job at work and does not change jobs often. 

It is a known fact that man is not a robot. He can make the most of it for a while but, then, after a great deal of effort, he will become stressed, lose motivation, and eventually quit his job. There are many such examples of very good professionals and managers leaving their jobs due to burnout.

It is highly important for a suitable candidate to have strong professional knowledge. 

Man is a whole. To be able to make the most of his professional knowledge, he must also be sufficiently developed as a person. The right person can be trained professionally. However, everyone is responsible for their own personal development and personal development is not important to everyone.

The job advertisements states that only those who enter the next round will be contacted. 

If an employer wants genuine candidates for the application process, then they must give the application process its due attention and always give feedback. A candidate seeing this type of statement in a job advertisement will be under the impression that the employer cannot be seriously considered because they will not seriously consider candidates either.

In order to avoid these mistakes, the recruitment process needs to be carefully thought through. Start by mapping out your business needs and expectations. Establish the types of people that can meet these expectations. This will allow you to set the conditions that will be stated in the job advertisement. Be sure to avoid inconsistencies and always give feedback to candidates. A professionally recruited personnel search requires a minimum of approximately 50 working hours.

If you do not have that extra time, seek help.

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