When a candidate prepares for a job interview, he probably thinks of every little detail that could arise. His purpose is to actively sell himself, and as well as possible. But should a candidate “sell” himself if he is running for salesperson? Can this kind of selling be rather negative? Yes, it can, because:

  • People can recognise when someone is trying to sell themselves and it doesn’t appear genuine. Professional headhunters can see through it and will turn away candidates who are afraid to be themselves.
  • An employer who knows that his key to success is his team, will be looking for certain personalities; abilities are important too, but personality is of greater importance. If an employer is looking for a certain personality and a candidate pretends to be someone they are not, then the employment relationship can end prematurely.
  • If you are yourself, you are more likely to find a job that really suits you and you will fit in well in the team.
  • If you work in a company whose culture suits you, you will experience less stress and will feel satisfied, and that’s not a feeling that can be easily compensated for.

People believe that if you are looking for a salesperson, then selling should be their number one skill.

In reality, candidates who are very good at selling themselves may not actually be so good at selling other products.

How should you behave in a job interview? Just be yourself. Be polite and think everything through. Do not dwell on negative things. Do your research on the company and what the company does. Also come prepared with questions that are important to you. If an employer can see that you have done your homework, it will give a good impression.

Looking for a job is not like a sport; you don’t have to win. Sometimes a loss can be a win in disguise. If you do a job that you do not like, then job satisfaction drops. However, if you find a job that you love, then it’s a win.